Quinto Toiro

The brand name “Quinto Toiro” means literally “Fifth Bull” and it’s a local expression that represents the gathering of people to eat and drink, usually during the local traditional street bullfights. This craft brewery is based in Terceira Island of the Azores Archipelago, Portugal, known for it’s Unesco’s World Heritage city. The brand’s target are knowledgeable beer drinkers but also wine drinkers who would like to try quality beers.

Since the street bullfights are a direct reference in the brand’s concept, the obvious choice was to use the bull as the starting point. After some exploration on style and approach, a custom wordmark was created to work as the main identifier of the brand, combined with nautical elements like the rope, a reference to the island’s long sailing history. The result is an appealing brand label that makes this craft beer feel established. Unfortunately, the client decided to pull the plug on this proposal, even though I feel this is a strong and compelling solution.